How to block a bootie

Turn your homemade booties into professional handmade booties.

How to block a bootie

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The difference between a professional handmade knitted bootie and a homemade knitted bootie is all in the blocking. Your knits need a good soak, a bit of gentle stitch wriggling and smoothing of seams before stuffing and moulding them into shape. The end result will be a perfect foot form and a knitted fabric with a bit of bloom. I love this stage, it's almost like watching the personality of a baby grow.

boot soaking in water

Once all loose ends have been sewn in, soak your booties in some luke warm water with some mild wool detergent. Rinse in clean water a couple of times.

squeezing water out of boot

Squeeze out excess water and press in a towel to remove as much water as possible.

putting cut out base in boot

Work around the shoe pressing flat all seams. In the download link above you will find templates of foot bases. Trace the appropriate size foot template onto card or left over plastic packaging and cut out.

Stuffing shoe with base them rag or tissue

Slip the foot template into the shoe and position at the base then stuff with paper towel or rags until fairly compact.

smoothing out shape of boot

Mold the shape of the shoe to remove lumps and bumps, making sure to round the toe area.

making sure base is flat

Make sure the base is flat and stuff the ankle section with paper towel or rags.

How the shaped boot will look

Roll the top or fine tune any detail then leave somewhere warm to dry before removing stuffing.

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